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Engineer, Inventor, Author, Speaker, and Capital Projects Expert. 

An international expert in Capital Project Predictability and a pioneer in Advanced Work Packaging (AWP), I have worked  and studied to become an engineer and executive on three continents. I was born and raised in Tunisia, where I learned to speak four languages. I have founded the Advanced Work Packaging Institute and co-founded Concord Project Technologies, a unique research and technology company dedicated to the implementation of management systems in complex capital projects.
Co-authoring the three-volume Industry Book on Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is a personal point of pride of mine. My hard work has also led me to earning two Masters of Science in Engineering and a graduate degree in construction law. I serve as a key member of the Construction Industry Institute’s research team 272 (CII RT 272), which significantly expanded existing models for WorkFace Planning. My thesis, published at The University of Texas Austin, is entitled "Advanced Work Packaging (AWP): from project definition through site execution”, and is the first academic publication on the subject of AWP.

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Olfa Hamdi is one of the brightest minds in the field of Engineering Project Management, Project Execution and Information Management...[and] is a highly sought after speaker and panelist where she is a compelling advocate for positive change to the status quo capital expenditure project execution model currently in use in the industrial sector. I have personally been witness to her powerful ability to bring a diverse multi-disciplined project team together and escort them to a new method of project execution in a fast and seamless manner. To engage her is a significant and positive step for any company, project team or simply one-to-one for the benefit of her vast knowledge. 


[Olfa Hamdi] was invited to Ecole Centrale de Lille to give a conference about “Advanced project Management” and “Management of Mega-Project”. During this event, Olfa demonstrated excellent communication skills and Leadership. She had the capacity to attract the audience and to make them feel involved in the subject...At the end of the conference, she spent all her time sharing and exchanging with students, professors giving them a delightful taste of her domain and professional skills. Her presentation was a great success and I would be glad to receive her again at any time.

Speaking Engagements

As one of the foremost experts in Advanced Work Packaging, I have had the privilege of sharing my knowledge at conferences, company retreats, and training events. I believe in AWP as a solution to many of the industry problems facing EPC projects, and each I time I speak it is my mission to educate decision makers about this system. You can find my speaking schedule below:

If You Are...

a conference organizer for EPC projects, or your company is in need of training for AWP, contact me to key note or present for your organization today  |  Tel: +1-800-982-6609

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Article initially published at Velocity Quarterly


Change management is a science that is being applied across all industries, except our own. The reality is that change is not widely accepted in the Capital Projects industry, and our industry leaders are not investing the resources or time to take any steps forward. That said, getting ahead of the curve always equals a competitive advantage, and the linked article provi...

Article initially published at Velocity Quarterly

Creating leaders within your organization is one the most important factors that will determine long-term success in the capital projects industry. However, preparing these young leaders is easier said than done when they are not being prepared for capital project management in school. The linked article will go over some steps to take to begin preparing this next generat...

Article initially published at Velocity Quarterly

Predictability Thinking™ is a difference maker in the capital projects industry. When executive leadership begins to adopt this mindset, it means greater revenues and more contracts. More than that though, it creates a company culture of respect and confidence because when projects and operations are predictable, everything runs smoother and employees at all levels are co...

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