How to Prepare for Advanced Work Packaging

Article initially published at Velocity Quarterly 


Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is transforming the capital project delivery process with early evidence suggesting incredible benefits like:


·      Deliver projects on schedule, with improved schedule performance;

·      Improve safety performance, with zero lost time accident reports;

·      Get better quality construction, with less rework; and

·      Enjoy increased predictability, in terms of cost and schedule estimates.


The fact is that when AWP is implemented properly, it leads to significant improvements in the industrial construction sector. This post article covers getting started with AWP because at first it can be daunting. T-CON was purpose-built to help companies like yours make the transition. The software will help you manage real-time collaboration in a fast, reliable and incredibly accurate fashion. We’re looking for ambitious companies that want to lead, grow fast and smart – contact us today.



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