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John Noonan.


A highly skilled executive with a history of providing "C" level management advice on Corporate Strategy, Structure, Culture and Behaviour change. Empowering clients dealing with issues across the life-cycle of complex Megaprojects and Megacorporations. Optimisation of operations and financial performance of complex businesses. Clients include Owners (eg JVP's, Alliances, Government Agencies, Major Corporations), Non-owners (eg EPCM's, EPC's), Vendors, Suppliers and Consultants with projects often valued in the multi-$Billion or multi-$Deca-Billion range.

2016: Authoring "The Megaproject Paradox" series of articles. Subject Matter Expert consulting in complex Hydrocarbon Procurement projects.
2015: Consultant GM for Safe Access Solutions (SAS) & IN-Fusion. Supporting sophisticated clients through IN-Fusion with unique human resources. Relocating SAS steel & aluminium fabrication facility & introducing composite fabrication & specialist automation to SAS.
2014: Organisation Design, Modeling, Simulation and Verification for the world's most complex FLNG Project. 
2013: Reorganising Australia's largest LNG project for First Gas. Optimising the Strategy and Engineering Organisation of Australia's largest EPC prior to acquisition and delisting from ASX. Presenting at ECRI Sponsors Meeting, Sydney.
2012: Securing the Construction Contract of the $550M DPS Gas Fired Combined Cycle Power Station for an EPC client. Then designing, building and implementing the organisation to perform Project Execution.
2011: Building the EPC organisation to execute the construction of a Rio Tinto FIFO Iron Ore Mining Camp in the Pilbara.
2010: Relocation of a web based FOREX application software development team from Australia to the UK.
2009/10: Design, fabrication, construction, commissioning and startup of a brownfield mineral circuit upgrade for a Ports Alliance client at the Port of Esperance in WA.
2007/10: Development of Bilfinger Berger's business in Australia.

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