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Advanced Work Packaging: Deep Integration

Article initially published at Velocity Quarterly

How leading companies can harness technology to execute work packages with dazzling efficiency

It may be a bold statement but the hard truth is that trying to implement AWP with existing project management tools is like putting wooden wheels on a Tesla: You’ll never know how fast the engine can go, because the wheels will break long before you reach top speed. AWP is an industry best-practice because of its construction-driven definition, preparation, and organization of project work has allowed companies to make great strides in integrating engineering, procurement and construction, saving up to 25% of total installed costs. Those are significant gains.

The linked article discusses the critical integration process that can be expanded to include a live Project Execution Plan, live project management deliverables, even a live organizational chart.

The platform technology to do this already exists. It remains only for companies to take the leap.

Click on this link here to read the whole article.


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