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Executive Perspective: The Key To Capital Project Performance

Article initially published at Velocity Quarterly

In an era of profound technological disruption and intergenerational change, perspective matters more than ever, writes Olfa Hamdi


One of the most important areas for execs and managers in our industry is capital projects leadership. Fortunately, because of the work we are doing at Concord, we have been able to talk and learn from the top leaders in capital projects on this topic. One key aspect to their success comes down to having perspective.

The linked article examines the need for perspective in capital project leadership during an era where technological and international disruption is high. The takeaway you need to know from this article is that perspective is a skill that can be developed through focused training and practical experience. Click on this link here to read the whole article.

Ed. Note: Concord Project Technologies CEO Olfa Hamdi will be speaking at the Gas Power Plant Engineering & Construction Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, June 20-21. To learn more about this event or to attend, please click here.


If you’re interested in applying these principles to your gas powered plant projects, Concord can help. Click here to contact us!

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