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Toward An Integrated Project Management Office (IPMO)

Article initially published at Velocity Quarterly

It's time for capital project executives to stop thinking of IT and Project Management as two separate line items

Our capital project delivery work and our technology are inextricably and irrevocably tied to one another. If you are working on a capital project it means you are engaging with technology, and when used correctly, it is our most important tool. The linked article dives into why are our IT departments separate from our Project Management Offices and explains why it should be dealt with at the strategic C-suite level of any EPC or Owner organization.

In sum, in the midst of the EPC digital transformation, integration will keep costs under control, and allow projects to be delivered on time, creating a healthier capital project economy. Abandoning our old paradigms is a must in order to reimagine the way we form our capital project organizations and the IMPO is part of the solution.

Click on this link here to read the whole article.



Olfa Hamdi is the co-founder of T-CON™ and the former executive director of the Advanced Work Packaging Institute. She can be reached at

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