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Capital Project Costs Don't Lie

Article initially published at Velocity Quarterly


Having a predictability mindset can set your organization apart from the rest of the industry. If you understand this and want to see more predictable behaviours in your own organization, as a leader you will set the the tone by establishing clear expectations. This will help to get the entire team onboard and buy-in to the idea of delivering predictable projects. Then you may be wondering how can we measure whether this is being done successfully.

Well, costs don't lie and that is how you can diagnose your success. By paying close attention to project costs you will gain the assurance that comes from predictability. This article will focus on explaining how to broaden the way you think about project costs to produce better results as an organization. Click on this link here to read the whole article.

If you are ready to be more proactive in analyzing your project costs and having predictability-based assurance contact us today!

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