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Editorial: Innovation In Action

Article initially published at Velocity Quarterly

When it comes to capital projects, what does a culture of innovation look like? What will it take to get us there?


Olfa Hamdi is the co-founder of Concord Project Technologies and the founding executive director of the Institute for Advanced Work Packaging. She was a member of the CII research team that produced IR-272, and is now leading the movement for integrated, technology-based capital projects management.


At Concord Project Technologies we are driven to push for innovation in the capital projects industry. We are taking new and radically different approaches to supporting our clients in their management system transformations and the linked article explains how.

We believe that one size never fits all.

The Concord team invests the time and effort required to create a unique value proposition that drives innovation and real progress for each individual client. Every intervention is unique, because every organization is unique. Every step in a Concord collaboration provides you with the resources you need to mature, reach independence and develop a culture of innovation all your own.

This issue of Velocity is dedicated to helping you get started. Enjoy.



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