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The 12 Most Damaging Myths In Advanced Work Packaging

Article initially published at Velocity Quarterly

Considering AWP? Don’t fall prey to these common misconceptions


The linked article is designed to cut through the toxic rumors and myths that have surrounded the Advanced Work Packaging system. More often organizations are coming across AWP and like any new thing there are a lot of questions about it.

As the top supporters for AWP, we have heard all of the “buts:” It’s too expensive, too many people get involved, there is too much new technology to integrate, it takes too much time, we don’t like change, etc. Well we promise you AWP is not just the latest buzzword -- this article will bust each one of those myths and convince you to integrate AWP into your next project. Click on this link here to read the whole article.

Ed. Note: Concord Project Technologies CEO Olfa Hamdi will be speaking at the Gas Power Plant Engineering & Construction Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, June 20-21. To learn more about this event or to attend, please click here.


If you’re interested in applying these principles to your gas powered plant projects, Concord can help. Click here to contact us!

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