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Project Integration Should Be a Separate Line Item. HERE’S WHY.

Article initially published at Velocity Quarterly

Recently, discussion about interface management has lessened despite the sweeping consolidation that has been going on. There seems to be this idea that because all of the moving parts are under the same brand it guarantees everything is working together as one, which is just not the case.

It’s time to rethink integration. It is an explicit practice requiring time and tools to do properly, and that’s why it should be handled by the proper professionals. The linked article will help explain how you can ensure that integration is done well by allocating to it a unique budget with the deliverables, objectives, KPIs and digital tools to go with it.

"The problem is that if you’re not scoping, planning and then budgeting for project interface management and integration efforts, chances are the work has unwittingly been added to the responsibilities of your project managers"


Click on this link here to read the whole article.


The Concord Team provides professional integration management services using T-CON™: a powerful, cloud-based, API-friendly Digital Platform purpose-built for integration managers, Integration teams, Owners and EPC project teams.

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